It’s been very quiet around here today. Tucker moved out yesterday afternoon. Our friends Vicki and Jim came by and took him to have a test weekend at their farm with their two dogs, Toby and Rambone.

If all goes well, he’ll stay with them and his new home will be in the country. He has been a real good friend to us. Moving from a house with a big yard into a second floor apartment in downtown Oakland means saying goodbye to more than just our people friends. We’ll miss the scruffy little pup.

Those of you who know Tucker know he’s a very outgoing and friendly dog. Sometimes he was a little insistent and really wanted to have his way. Anna and I also saw the obsessive compulsive side of him. When we told him we were going for a walk he’d run to the back door and touch his nose to his leash which was hanging on a hook. He’d then turn in a circle, three times and finally sit and look up at you with a very expectant face. He’s a pretty funny little pooch and we’re missing him already.

Saturday November 7, 2009 — Mark — Illinois