Grand Stroll

Utility Box 1

My first encounter with the images that now decorate some of the utility boxes along Grand Avenue between our apartment and Whole Foods while enjoying an cup of coffee one afternoon at Farley’s East. At Farley’s there were a couple of guys hanging some posterized images on the wall. These images were the product of a collaboration between an artist (Dave, who was one of the guys hanging art at Farley’s) and students at Westlake Middle School. The project that brought the artist and the students together is CityCanvas

From the City Canvas website:

City Canvas is a grassroots project intended to foster neighborhood identity across the East Bay through community-driven public art. A collaboration of professional and seasoned teaching artists, community builders, city planners, and arts administrators, the City Canvas team was brought together by our common desire to contribute to the vibrancy of our cities. City Canvas will create opportunities for shared visioning and creation of public art in neighborhoods across Oakland and Berkeley through partnerships with city agencies, neighborhood schools, businesses, residents, and local artists.

I hope we see more projects like this popping up around here. It makes walking in the neighborhood so enjoyable.

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