Lake Merritt Walk

Lake Merritt walk

Anna and I strolled around Lake Merritt this morning. It’s a great walk and it was a perfect morning. It’s going to take a little time to recall the names of all the different species of birds that live around here. We saw some gray pelicans, white egrets (I think) a little black duck-like bird with a short pointed beak, seagulls, and geese. There were others which i don’t recognize well enough to name.

We also encountered lots of people. As we walked we talked about giving up our big, park-like yard. The big public space that is close to our new home will serve as our place to interact with nature. One benefit of the large public park (versus our large backyard) is that it comes with a full cast of human characters who add color and vitality to our outdoor life.

Wednesday November 25, 2009 — Mark —