Public Chair

Pondering spot

The pothole just a few yards up Perkins from our apartment has been getting deeper. I think it’s deep enough now that one would do serious damage to one’s suspension by driving into this hole. Today’s rain (heavy at times) filled the hole and disguised its depth, so an enterprising neighbor put a broken chair in the hole to warn motorists away from the danger.

The Oakland public works department has obviously been here — you can see hints of orange around the hole which someone painted to mark the asphalt for repair. I think the markings were made sometime late last year. I guess there are other priorities. I love the chair, though. It was there yesterday, too, when Anna and I got home from our final trip to the DMV (yes, we now have California license plates — it only took three trips to the DMV and about 4 hours of waiting in lines). Unfortunately someone had removed the chair from the pond by the time I got downstairs after carrying in our packages into the apartment. Fortunately someone put it back this evening.

I thought we’d left deep potholes behind when we left Moline. The winter weather there absolutely kills roads, and there were some potholes there last spring that could have accommodated a dining room set.

Pothole marker

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