Oakland's Serious Blogging Community

Oakland has a pretty rich and vibrant blogging community. Since I’m exiled to the chilly midwest (as I sit here the wind is howling and snow is blowing and drifting) for a few more days, I thought I could sate my west coast thirst by reading some of them and getting familiar with the lay of the land. Here are some top of mind impressions and links to some. This is not a comprehensive list, it’s a start at familiarizing myself with what’s happening. A couple of these blogs are already listed on the links page and all of them will be listed there eventually.

A Better Oakland
V Smooth is the blogger and the site is primarily focused on Oakland politics and civic issues. There seems to be a vibrant community of commenters. The posts are long and detailed.

Oakland North
This is a project of the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. Like A Better Oakland it is primarily focused on news and civic issues.

Oakland Local
This is a new site, launched fairly recently. Susan Mernit is the editor and publisher. Like Oakland North, Oakland Local is a non-profit, community focused site. This site has a bit more of the Birkenstock vibe than Oakland North or A Better Oakland. And that’s meant in a loving way.

Today in Montclair, 94611
Anna and I both grew up in Montclair. (We were both born elsewhere but both ended up in the hills in the late 60s.) We were living in Montclair when we left Oakland 15 years ago, so we have a soft spot for the neighborhood. This blog tracks news/political stuff that matters to Montclarions, but daily postings might also include pictures of kids in the Village or other neighborhood playfulness.

Living in the O
There’s one entry posted every day or so and the story may be a detailed analysis of a public meeting or a listing of upcoming public event (typically of a political nature) or even a review of the new produce market that opened in the Temescal neighborhood.

The Oakbook
This is like a city magazine (I think they publish a print magazine — or at least they did), and the articles are eclectic and interesting. This seems to be a blog that many people know and refer to.

City Homestead
This is the kind of site I hope Back To Oakland will be. From their About page: “This blog is an attempt to chronicle our adventures living in a small 1915 bungalow in the heart of Oakland, California. … Most of the time this blog is about our house and garden, our neighborhood, and our city. Occasionally, I write about bigger picture issues and ideas, usually around urban planning and policy, food systems, or other things I think are fun and interesting.”

More to come as I find the time to explore. If you have recommendations, leave comments or drop me a line.

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