It looks like about half an inch to me. Which is consistent with my observation that the WQAD weather woman was just a little too enthusiastic about her prediction.

This is the view from my niece Kjerstin’s window. I’m staying in her room for the couple of weeks that I’m in Moline this month. It’s a nice room and I appreciate that she’s willing to let me use it. (It’s her first year of college and she’s living on campus at Augustana.)

I think I’m going to head downstairs and see if I can get Jon to pull me a shot of espresso.

UPDATE: When I got downstairs, Jon was already up and getting started on coffee. He made a great little cappucino for me. Cheers!

LATER UPDATE: Anna reports that the snow level dropped to 500 feet in California last night. There’s apparently a dusting of snow on the hills in the Bay Area this morning. Cool.

EVEN LATER UPDATE: The TODAY IN MONTCLAIR, 94611 blog has photographic proof of the snow in the Oakland Hills.

Monday December 7, 2009 — Mark —