The Continuing Story of Rocky the Squirrel

The perch

Rocky came by this morning for a couple of visits. Anna had dumped a pretty generous dose of cayenne on the exposed soil of our planter boxes to keep him from digging up the flowers in search of peanuts and other goodies he may have buried before we moved here. He seemed a little tentative as he approached the flowers, but I also went out on the terrace to ask him not to dig. He just sat on the railing staring at me. I wondered how close I could get and I was able to get halfway across the terrace before he decided we were too close and he skittered away.

He was back, though, about ten minutes later, scrounging for birdseed that the birds had knocked off the feeder. On his second visit he seemed content to snack on the loose seeds rather than to dig in the planters. At one point, and I wish I could have grabbed my camera without startling him, he came up and sat on a little perch (the small stack of three little paver bricks in the photo) right next to the window which is next to my desk. The photo depicts my actual view of the little perch where he sat — I snapped the photo sitting right where I usually sit. Were it not for the glass, I could have reached down to pet him without getting out of my chair.

He stared at me for a minute and then went back to sorting through the seeds on the terrace.

Wednesday February 24, 2010 — Mark —