How Democrats Can Win Elections.

Bruce Bartlett is a former advisor to Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush. He left the Republican Party in 2009. He has been critical of the current Republican administration (and was also critical of George W. Bush’s administration). He recently posted on Twitter a list of 25 ideas that could be winning issues for the Democrats in coming elections. The suggestions below are linked to polls that show a majority of Americans favor the policy.

Not only are these issues extremely popular, addressing these issues will lead to a healthy economy, and restore American democracy.

  1. End gerrymandering.
  2. Raise taxes on the wealthy.
  3. Limit campaign spending.
  4. Constitutional amendment to outlaw Citizens United decision.
  5. Make voting easier with automatic registration and early voting.
  6. Support gun control.
  7. Protect the environment & take concrete actions against global warming.
  8. Allow felons to vote if they have served their full sentence.
  9. End or restrict payday lending.
  10. Spend more money on public works.
  11. Support DACA.
  12. Fix student debt problem.
  13. Prioritize production of alternative energy such as solar over fossil fuels such as coal.
  14. Fight corruption by the president, Congress and government officials.
  15. Oppose foreign government interference in US elections.
  16. Force presidents to release their tax returns.
  17. Guaranteed government job for all who want one.
  18. Increase regulation of tech companies & social media to protect privacy.
  19. Raise pay for teachers.
  20. Legalize marijuana.
  21. Oppose tariffs & trade protectionism.
  22. Support paid family & medical leaver for workers.
  23. Support labor unions. (To this idea, I’d add: raise the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour.)
  24. Support prison reform.
  25. Single-payer health insurance for all.

Monday June 18, 2018 — Mark —