Sunday Stroll

Anna and Bengie

Anna’s cousin came over to stroll around the lake with us this afternoon. We’re really happy she lives close by. She broke an ankle last year so she’s working at rehabbing and wears these cool shoes that approximate walking in sand. Since we were going kind of slow, it gave us a chance to take a closer look at what the birds were doing as we walked. We encountered dozens of seagulls that had pulled mussels out of the lake and were breaking them open on the path. We saw a couple baby pin ducks and a couple of pelicans, along with all the other birds we’re getting used to encountering on this walk.

One thing I noticed (both this morning as we rode around the lake and this afternoon as we walked) was how many people were out enjoying the day. I know we’re still getting adjusted to the general idea of being outside during the winter, but I don’t recall that we would have seen as many people walking the lake when we lived here before. One thing is certain – the pathway along Lakeshore is much improved. We’re really lucky to have this space available so close to our front door. Just after we arrived home Nate’s pal Zach came by and the two of them went down to Lakeside park to toss a ball with their lacrosse sticks.

zeppelinseagullanna and bengie

Saturday January 2, 2010 — Mark —