Big Puddles, little update


Anna and I took advantage of BART last night to go to the Orpheum to see Wicked with our dear old friend, Casey. (And our dear new friends Paul, and Sean and Jody.) Wicked is a pretty clever show, and we had a tasty meal in the tiny First Crush on Cyril Magnin St. in San Francisco before the theatre.

Riding BART for a show at the Orpheum is more convenient than driving — the Civic Center station is right in front of the theatre. It would have been perfect, except that it was raining pretty hard when we got off the train at 19th Street on our way home after the show. The wind was blowing, too, and it was a little bit of a struggle to stay dry with our two little pocket sized umbrellas. I guess it doesn’t typically rain very hard in Oakland, because the gutters and storm drains were clearly unable to keep pace. There were a couple of intersections on our walk home where water had risen above the curbs and flooded the sidewalk. Anna’s shoes filled with water and I felt responsible because I had insisted we walk to BART instead of driving over to Rockridge to park the car in case it rained. (She, graceful as always, refused to give me grief about my stubbornness. I love that woman.)

Update to previous post: I updated my Oakland Coffee Trail entry on Modern Coffee after a second visit this morning.

Wednesday January 13, 2010 — Mark —