Closing in on Opening Night

The Seagull at Augustana

We made it through our tech rehearsal weekend for The Seagull without any major tragedies. (There was one small incident that involved a dropped bottle of Perrier, but no one was hurt.) It’s looking good. I’m very happy with the progress we’ve made to this point and with four dress rehearsals leading up to our Friday opening I think the little rough spots will get smoothed out and we’ll see a beautifully rendered production of Chekov’s play. If you’re in the Quad Cities I hope you’ll join us. Augustana Ticket Office ยป

Even more exciting for me is the anticipation of being reunited with my lovely Anna a week from today. I’m eager to get back to Oakland, get on my bike and spin around the lake, chow on a Trueburger, enjoy a sandwich at the new uptown Bake Sale Betty and generally snuggle into the routine of being home. 9 weeks is too long to be separated from one’s primary partner and lover. I wouldn’t have made it had I not been living with Jon and Sonja (and my nephew Jens). They helped me make the best of my time here. (I really enjoyed seeing how Jens has grown as a theatre artist. He sang with the barbershop quartet in the Moline High School production of The Music Man last week and he was awesome. A great presence on stage.)

Here’s looking forward to the weekend!

Monday April 26, 2010 — Mark —