My brother gave me a little grief last night for not making comments available on all the entries on this blog. He felt it would be fair for him to have an opportunity to respond to what I wrote about mustard a while back. I thought about it and I agree — a meaningful conversation would be worthwhile. So in deference to Jon, and to anyone else who wants to respond to these entries, I’m turning comments on for all future entries, and for the mustard entry (so that Jon can make his case for Boetje’s).

I will say up front that my policy regarding comment moderation and censorship will be entirely dictatorial. I welcome divergent points of view, I crave your honest opinions, and I love a good discussion and passionate disagreement about food, wine, culture, and anything else that may come up on this blog. I do not appreciate name calling or incivility, and comments that I think are inconsistent with the tone and nature of our intended conversation will be deleted.

Release the hounds!

Saturday December 5, 2009 — Mark —