Lakeshore Burrito Shop

Anna and I rode our bikes over to the Lakeshore Burrito Shop for a little lunch. The woman behind the cash register was about as cheerful as she could be. After observing that we had arrived on bikes and that we looked happy and healthy, she took our order and said she hoped we enjoyed our lunch. She was adorable. If I were rating the lunch on friendliness or cheerfulness alone they’d get a ten on a scale of one to ten.

The burrito was good, too. We’ve eaten there a couple of times over the past month (and noticed the cheery cashier before) and always enjoyed the taste. Anna likes the Thai Chicken bowl (a burrito on a plate, without a tortilla) and I like the regular sized carnitas burrito. The flavors are straightforward and nice. The real joy comes in the salsa bar that’s next to their soda fountain. I have yet to try a spicy salsa at the burrito shop that I don’t enjoy. They serve a burrito with a handful of chips. It’s just the right size — a regular is $4.95 and is a very satisfying meal. Anna’s Thai Chicken bowl was $5.50 and was just a little more than she could eat. For a little more you can upgrade the size of your burrito to a grande, and it looks like it would feed a hungry teenaged boy.

It’s conveniently located next to our neighborhood Trader Joe’s so we’re able to combine a trip for a few groceries with a little lunch and a bike ride. Nice.

Monday January 11, 2010 — Mark —