Lakeside Park

Lakside Park Gardens

The beautiful, warm weather called and I replied with a short walk to Lakeside Park. Anna and I needed to go to the California Department of Motor Vehicles today to take care of some business. (After waiting in line for about half an hour to get to the “Start Here” desk we found we didn’t have all the paperwork we needed. Rats. We met a really nice clerk at the desk, though, and she set us up for appointments in February so we’ll be going back then and avoid further lines.) Anyway… I didn’t have time for a long walk so I just made a little loop down Perkins to the edge of the lake and then back to the north through the park.

I passed the bird sanctuary and a little duck pond and the building that houses the Oakland Junior Center of Art and Science. Next to that is the place where you can rent little sailboats and kayaks to putter around the lake. I’m definitely going to go back and relive my childhood there by renting a little boat and taking it out for a sail.

The gate to the gardens was open so I popped through for a short visit. The Garden center features an eclectic collection of gardens. The Golden State Bonsai Collection is there, as well as a large palm garden. There are several community tended vegetable plots and other ornamental plantings and plantings of native and drought tolerant plants. The garden may not be at it’s most beautiful in midwinter, but it was nice to see so many people walking around and enjoying the sun.

Next to the Garden Center is the Oakland Lawn Bowling Club. No bowlers today, but I will be checking back on warm spring Sunday afternoons. I recall seeing older gents in white clothes and white straw hats bowling here when I was a kid. It’s a genteel sport. I may be just about old enough now to qualify for the label “older gent.” (If not “gent” at least “older dude,” or, as my cousin Brita might say, “old fart.”) I already have the right kind of hat. I just need to shop around for some white pants and shoes.

Garden at Lakeside ParkLawn Bowling

Thursday January 28, 2010 — Mark —