Living Room, Day 3

Living Room, Day 3

By Sunday afternoon we had cleared enough of the pile in the living room to create a little seating area. It’s not possible to sit at the dining table yet, but we’re making progress.

We took a long break on Sunday afternoon to share a couple bottles of wine and some homemade lasagna with Chris, Kemp, Brita, Ingrid, Len, Linda, and Larry. Since we couldn’t eat here, we went over to Kathleen and Dave’s and used their kitchen/dining room. They’re in Australia for the Parliament of World Religions, so they couldn’t join us for Chris’ delicious lasagna, Linda’s tasty salad, Ingrid’s fantastic garlic bread or the great wine that Kemp found to pull all the tastes together, but we definitely enjoyed their place.

Anna has her work cut out for her — there are still many boxes for her to unpack after I leave on Tuesday. But she seems to have a gift for making this kind of thing work.

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