Looking for Space

Sidewalk Art

Anna and I took a walk along Piedmont Avenue this morning, looking at vacant storefronts. We were thinking it might be interesting to locate a Prenatal Education and Resource center (like Blossom, the place she founded in Palo Alto) somewhere along the avenue. Piedmont is a pretty short street that stretches from the Mountain View Cemetery to Broadway, just past MacArthur.

There are several vacant properties along the street. Some big, some small. Anna has been scouting the neighborhood for a while and she feels like she’s seen a fairly significant population of pregnant women along Piedmont. We’ll continue to scout, but we’re also eyeing a couple of places on Grand Avenue and Lakeshore. The Farmer’s Market at Splash Pad Park on Saturday’s seems to attract pregnant women, too. And the Grand Lake area is more convenient for us — it’s within easy walking range. If you have suggestions (or you want to learn more about what kinds of things Anna does, please visit her website to send her an email).

As we were walking I noticed the little piece of artwork on the sidewalk pictured above. Interesting piece. I’m keeping an eye out for other examples of this kind of street level graffiti art. I can see some of the overspray outlines around the image that confirm my suspicion that this was a stencil, but it’s a multicolor stencil. A nice technique.

Thursday February 4, 2010 — Mark —