Note to Self...

shattered glass

I learned something today. When you have one of these crappy sealed top stoves that heat up with a coil underneath the cooktop, you shouldn’t turn on the stove if there’s an empty 9×13 brownie pan on one of the burners. Naturally, I didn’t intend to heat up the empty pan, but when I dialed on the burner to make my lunch I wasn’t mindful about which burner I was lighting up. Turns out I turned the wrong dial.

Unfortunately the UI of our stove panel doesn’t help much. It has an indicator light which shows that there’s a burner on, but it doesn’t indicate which burner. And since the glass is clear in the brownie pan, the burner didn’t glow as it normally does when there’s a metal pan on top of it I was unaware of my error for several minutes. My first clue that I’d made a catastrophic mistake was when the brownie pan exploded. Shards of glass flew everywhere. The pieces that landed on the nylon floor mat at the kitchen sink melted into the nap of the rug.

Addendum to that note: wear shoes when cooking.

On the upside, the lemon-ginger tomato soup with garlic croutons was delicious. Once I got the heat on under the right pan.

Monday February 22, 2010 — Mark —