Oakland Coffee Trail: Remedy

Remedy Coffee on Telegraph

After several ill fated attempts I finally drank a cup of coffee at Remedy on Telegraph in Oakland. Previous visits found the place either incomplete (there was a cart on the street but I was looking for a place to relax for a while) or closed (they shut down for a few days after they initially opened for some continuing construction). It was worth the ride.

I enjoyed an Americano and a cheddar green onion scone while soaking up the atmosphere. To describe this as a hipster hive would be an understatement. there were a dozen MacBooks — one on nearly every table in the place. Most people were sitting alone working (or whatever) but there were a few tables with groups engaged in conversation. I heard a couple of people chatting about Twitter — she was explaining it to him, and helping him get his account set up.

The decor is functional chic — poured in place cement counters, simple wood work. There’s an old Pacific Bell phone booth. There were couches, armchairs, benches, high tables with stools, regular tables with chairs coffee tables, etc. — the perfect combination of places to hang-out/relax and places to work. This is a grand spot for people watching.

It’s a 20 minute ride from the house — I rode over via West Street (good bike lanes) and home via Webster (light traffic, but no marked bike lanes). A perfect spot for just the kind of morning I had in mind — reading, people watching, prepping for Teach For America Institute. I wasn’t blown away by the coffee, but it wasn’t my primary interest today. I’ll go back again and devote my attention to the beans.

All in all, Remedy is a great spot. Visit them sometime.

Remedy Coffee

Tuesday June 1, 2010 — Mark —