Rock Island Brewing Company

Ribco burger baskets

Not a brewing company, actually, but a bar. There used to be a brewery called Rock Island Brewing Company, but this bar is not really the same business. Anyway, on Tuesday nights Anna and I might find ourselves ordering burger baskets and a pitcher of Long Island Iced Tea. (A pitcher full of ice with some long island iced tea in it.) Last Tuesday we stopped in for one last time for Anna’s benefit. The waitress knows what we order and takes really good care of us. We always run into a bunch of students and former students from Augustana. When Nate is in town he likes to go. Sometimes bands from Daytrotter will do a show at RIBCO while they’re in town. Generally it captures the aesthetic of the Quad Cities pretty well. After the moving truck left today, I talked Jon, Sonja and Jens into keeping me company over a pitcher and basket.

Tuesday November 17, 2009 — Mark —