Travel Day

I’m having a shot of espresso, a slice of rhubarb pie, and a cappuccino this morning with Jon and Sonja. This is the last morning we’ll share for a while. It’s been a wonderful way to spend 9 weeks—Jon pulls shots and makes the cappuccino, Sonja and I read the news. We nibble on some goodies or chow down on some cereal. It’s a good routine and I’ll miss our time together. But…

Today I’m hopping on a United flight in Moline, flying to Denver and then to Oakland where I’ll be united with my honey. It’s about time!

I expect to visit some of my favorite Oakland haunts in the next couple of days. Hello Modern CafĂ©, Trueburger, and Fenton’s. A couple new spots have opened while I’ve been away: Bake Sale Betty has a new site in Uptown and Remedy has opened their new cafe. I’ve got some exploring to do.

The big celebration, though, will happen when I see Anna at the airport in a few hours. Take me home, silver bird!

Monday May 3, 2010 — Mark —