What's your point, Edson?

Lake Merritt and Adams Point

Our new pad is in the Adams Point neighborhood near downtown Oakland. Adams point is named for Edson Adams, an early Oakland pioneer. Adams had initially come to California seeking riches in gold mining. He saw, however, that the countryside would make a lovely town and with a friend made on the boat west he changed course. He sold his mining claim and set about (with his friend Horace Carpentier) acquiring the land that would in a few years time become the town of Oakland.

The Town of Oakland was chartered in 1852. Horace and Edson platted out the streets and neighborhoods. The land was actually owned by the Peralta family of Spain. Eventually Edson and Horace managed to make a deal with the Peraltas and in 1854 the town was re-chartered by the state legislature as the City of Oakland. (see the Oakland’s Early History written by Edson Adams.)

The neighborhood of Adams Point is on the north shore of Lake Merritt. If you look down on a map of the lake, it looks vaguely like a valentine. Adams Point sits at the top of the valentine. There is a rich ethnic and socioeconomic diversity in the neighborhood. The main thoroughfare through the area is Grand Avenue. Along that street are many restaurants. Lakeside park is within the neighborhood. The park is home to Fairyland, a nice bandstand, a lawn bowling club, nature center, community gardens, boating facilities and a bird sanctuary.

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