Zephyring East

The ride from Salt Lake City to Grand Junction, Colorado features a hesitant beauty, especially in its winter palate. The greyish brown rocky features blend with the leafless sage and other dryland vegetation and one needs to look intently to see much that is eye pleasing.

East of Grand Junction that palate expands significantly. Even in winter, Glenwood Canyon is colorful. Red Canyon, Upper and Lower Gore Canyons, and Azure Canyon feature the green Colorado River and red rocks. Even the leafless trees add to the palette. Tufts of low woody bushes and native grasses add bright reds, orange, and yellow.

One of our last stops this afternoon was at Granby, CO.

We’re at a high elevation now, so the Colorado River is completely frozen. The Valley is narrower as we pull up the hill towards Winter Park.

My companion this afternoon is a copy of Anton Chekov’s The Seagull. This us a great way to study a script (on a train, winter landscape, glass of chardonnay, and a tin of cocktail peanuts). I’m finding a lot of delicious moments that will be fun to rehearse.

What a great afternoon.

Saturday March 6, 2010 — Mark —