Countdown Begins in Earnest


By this time next Monday I will be on my way home to Oakland. I’ve missed my wife even more than I imagined was possible. We had managed week-and-a-half apart in the past and I figured I would be able to keep my spirits up for three weeks, aided by a couple of daily phone calls and the occasional text message with photos. Those things do help, but there is no discounting the value of proximity and touch.

I’ve decided to amuse myself for the next week with a little advent calendar diversion. Today, and for the next 6 days, I plan to post a daily countdown item with a little treat that helps me look forward to being reunited with my baby in Oakland.

Today’s treat is a link to the Chanticleer website where you can listen to their music using their popup radio player. My folks flew into Moline last night after a brief two day stopover in Oakland. On their way from Australia to the Quad Cities they went directly from SFO to the SF Symphony to hear Michael Tilson Thomas conduct. The next night they took in a Chanticleer Concert at Oakland’s Cathedral of Christ the Light.

Justin had a great opportunity when he was in high school to spend a day with Chanticleer. They host educational programs for young singers and the madrigal group from his school was fortunate to be able to participate. I was so envious.

Monday December 14, 2009 — Mark —