Earl Warren Was Here

Earl Warren

The beloved (by progressives) 14th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Earl Warren, lived in our new Oakland neighborhood, Adams Point, many years ago. His mansion at 88 Vernon Street is now home to Clausen House, a center devoted to service to the developmentally disabled.

That Warren lived in Adams point is a good omen for us. There have been tiny, coincidental connections to the Warren name through out our years in California. A good portion of my happy childhood was spent in Santa Barbara, home to the Earl Warren Showgrounds, A venue for fairs and equestrian events and site of the Fiesta Rodeo. During our previous tenure in Oakland we lived on Scout Road, just off the Warren Freeway.

Warren was elected Governor of California three times (unprecedented and unmatched) and was so popular that in 1946 he was nominated by three political parties — Democrats, Progressives, and Republicans. (Try to imagine that happening today!) We’re pleased to be living within half a mile of Earl Warren’s home.

Tuesday December 15, 2009 — Mark —